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Seafoam, Books and Kobolds

The Travels of Me and the Misses

After 4 days at sea on the seafoam cutter, under the helm of an overly professional and competent sea-elf named Oberburry, we found that one of the passengers had been killed. I personally like my sea voyages with a little more swagger and a few less dead bodies, but to each their own. A lovely priestess namedLuna Moonborn met some untimely end. We were never really able to figure it out, although my Old Lady had her suspicions. Some people of note – a oil-salesman hobbit named Tallboy, an elf fur merchant named Elinga, and a Hooded man who refused to specify a name.

I called the hooded man Hoody and I suspect it annoyed him. He himself was rather annoying, so it seemed justified. Hoody was the most suspicious person on board and stands as suspect #1 at this point. He was definitely tense – and when I prodded him for information, I got a slightly abusive cold shoulder. The man can carry himself in a fight, that much I was able to figure out. He also has a affinity for wood carving. A bird of prey devouring a reptile, if I recall. Also, when we deboarded he seemed to slip off in a very intentional fashion. He never did share a block of wood for me to whittle with him though. The misses may have an artistic side – you never know. I’ll have to check into that later. Have to be careful though, don’t want any magic to seep through and char the wood.

On the ship, I met a few companions worth traveling with -

There is a tea obsessed half-folk who has firework fingers and seems to believe he understands something about the arcane. Beyond parlor tricks, the truth is still out on this one. One thing is true, he doesn’t use a proper blade. Apparently he has a short little knife that he uses to cast magic through? Who ever heard of such a thing. Everyone knows that magic needs to flow through a true blade. Why if the Misses was that small… I just don’t know how the magic would work. Halflings – so much strangeness packed into such a small package.

There is a druid who seems to be led by a panther. I don’t understand what respectable elf would take orders from a panther, but, by my blade, I have seen it happen. Elfs are as close to kinfolk as I have, so I can appreciate her struggle, but it really does seem backwards. Shouldn’t the druid be in charge of the panther and not the other way around? The panther does like the hobbit’s tea though – i will have to keep feeding it to him.

Finally, there is priestess of Kord – Lagertha. She too has a interest in the storm – although it has not infested her blood like it has me. She gave a respectful blessing over the body Moonborn. It was a rare moment of peace and piety for some one in my line of work. The Misses surely wishes that we attended Ritual every StormDay, but sometimes there are more pressing matters. She does need to learn to hold herself in a fight, however. A handful of kobolds nearly took her out. They didn’t even have real swords either. Better than the Half-person, but still, nothing compared to the Old Lady.

In the city of waterdeep there seems to be some sort of religious festival taking place. It corresponds to alignment of the full moon and midwinter’s night. The festival appears to be the reason that Moonborn was traveling to the city of wonders. There was also a book that Moonborn kept near her – a very ornate object that we could not find after her death. The Temple of Saloon was notified upon our arrival to the city and came themselves to investigate. They did not appear to find anything conclusive. Because all the passengers are under an element of suspicion, the temple of Saloon has agreed to host us at the Merry Albatross, asking that we stay available for further questions.

On our way to the inn, we were ambushed by a band of Kobolds posing as a group of revelers. Was this a random street robbery? A planned attack? A Random Happenstance? Unfortunately the spell casting leader of this group made it free of our attacks, so we can’t know for sure.

Now it is time to settle down for a few glasses of grogg a nice bit of stargazing and a warm bed. Hopefully The old ball and chain doesn’t stir in the night – it has been a long day of hard travel. Nonetheless, I bet a nice oil massage is just what she needs. Those Kobolds were a spot of trouble, but I suspect our little group can handle such dilemmas. Tomorrow will hopefully hold some answers about Mornborn’s demise, and maybe even some clues about a cure for me. It would be best to wrap all this up quickly – after tonight there are only two more days until the midwinter’s night and full moon are dancing together in concert in the night’s sky.

- From the dairy describing the exploits of Burya “The Storm” Noch and his committed blade“The Misses”


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