Librarians Unite!

Cowardly Hobbit

Being an account from the diaries of Burya "The Storm" Noch

That bumbling, dagger-peddling twit! He WAITS OUTSIDE the crypt while a major battle takes place in its bowels? Some slick operator he is! We follow the tracks across all manner of graveyard and come to a crypt where he is just waiting calmly in the falling snow. Meanwhile the hooded one is battling a dozen cultists down in the depths of the tomb. Then, instead of rushing in to stop the bloodshed, he wants to SNEAK down and SPY on what is happening. Lucky his hairy feet didn’t trip on the mixture of filth, snow and blood that was pooling about the floor at the entrance. Would have been a fitting event for such cowardice. Songs are not sung about heroes who creep onto the battlefield.

Undoubtedly The Hooded One was trying to deal the book off to followers of _____ and the whole affair went belly side up. That is the only explanation that comes to my mind. I haven’t had a chance to talk with Teapot in earnest about what led him to the graveyard, but despite his shortcomings, he seems to be on the level in regards to the whole event. The Tempess Kord respects the chaos of battle, but when we got down to the tomb itself, there was so much blood, so many bodies. Clearly The Hooded One was a formidable opponent. Amid a storm of Necrotic and Elemental energies he was fell. We dispatched 4 cultists, but some spell casting priest made his way through a back entrance into another labyrinth of sewers. As we were breaking down the door in pursuit, undead creatures rose from their rest and came down into the crypts. These foul abominations were reasonably strong – one even had wings! We were able to dispatch them, not before one took a bit out of the druid

The priest seems to have fled through a backdoor in the crypt that led into the sewers. We tried to track his (or her) trail and got a little lost. There was also another door worthy of investigation, so we broke our way into that area. There we encountered a dungeon of sorts with a dying dwarf. We were able to rouse the poor lout to his senses, but as we were questioning him, the current corpse occupants of the dungeon came to life! I introduced several of them to the Misses and put them to a more permanent rest. Curious how much necromantic energy we are chasing. All these summonings are not realistically possible for a novice, best to tread carefully as we advance.


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